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There is no way that any of you will not know what Jungle Book is. Right from the picture books that we got in contact during the adolescence to the cartoon series, these jungle tales of Rudyard Kipling have been made into numerous films as well.

Today we are here with the 5 Jungle Book spinoffs from the past that all of you need to binge watch right away!


1.  The Jungle Book (1942)

The first ever Jungle Book adaptation can be traced back to 1942 where Sabu Dastagir played the role of Mowgli. The film was directed by Zoltan Korda and received 4 Oscar nominations.



2.  The Jungle Book (1967)

This was the first ever animated film adaptation in which Baloo, Bagheera and several other animals try to convince Mowgli to leave the jungle and live with the humans.



3.  The Jungle Book -The Adventures of Mowgli (1989)

How can we forget this cartoon television series? We grew up watching this and will never forget about it for the rest of our lives.



4.  The Jungle Book (1994)

In this adventure film with a romantic twist, Jason Scott Lee stars as Mowgli who goes on to become the king of the jungle and reunites with his childhood love.



5.  The Jungle Book 2 (2003)

In this animation movie, Mowgli gets bored of the human civilization and returns to his old friends and the jungle, unaware of the danger that awaits him.



Probably the biggest Jungle Book spinoff is all set to release this week in the form of a live-action film.

Watch the trailer of The Jungle Book right below.



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